Sunday, February 28, 2010

Play a let

What is the best thing about two show days?
Is it that Groundhog Day feeling of having done something before? No
Is it getting a two hour break in an 8 hour work day? No.
The best thing about two show days recently has been the four square games.
During the second show the cast plays four square as a warm up. They have technically already warmed up from the first show. It is quite fun and everyone comes down and gets in line for a turn.

OK remember when I said that this game was universal. OK that is not true. They play it a little differently across the pond. Here are some differences.

1) You can't hit the ball down, you have to hit the ball from under or the side. Hitting the ball from above will result in a warning, 3 warnings and you're out.

2) There is only one kind of play. A lot of kids have different games like Popcorn, Four Corners and Cherry Bombs. These don't exist in this game.

3) The person at the front of the line to play is the ref and must make calls on tough plays. Always pay attention in this spot.

Here are some terms from four square you might find helpful
Play a let= do over *Note- The phrase "play a let" is sort of sung like a cheer or chant
Bridesmaid= to hit another player with the ball.

Last week we had a leading lady show down on the four square court and there is always a line to play that snakes down the hall. Yesterday we had an official ref for a while. Very fun.

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