Monday, February 15, 2010

So does the curse cross over?

I wrote about Macbeth a couple weeks ago. You know that it was a really good show and people should see it. That is still true.
One of the old theater superstitions is that the play is cursed. It was said that Shakespeare used real witches chants in his play and so then real witches cursed it.
For this reason people don't even like to say the name of the play. Apparently if you say the name of the play you have to step out of your dressing room turn around three times, spit and swear and then knock and ask to be let back into the dressing room. My superstitious actors did that this weekend.

I am not working on the Scottish play but I am next door. This weekend our play had some technical difficulty but the show went on and everyone handled it brilliantly. However as five actors came back for their final change they were a little upset. One of them said "It's cause they're doing that Scottish play next door."

The Scottish play has had its share of adventure this weekend as an understudy went on.

Lord Lennox came to say hi yesterday and to assure me that they would try to use different rats in the stew.

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