Saturday, February 6, 2010

MacBeth review

One of the perks of my job is the comp tickets. I usually end up giving them to friends but on the rare occasions when I have time off I sometimes try to use them myself.
I got my comp tickets to opening night of MacBeth at The Guthrie a while ago and I wasn't sure I was really up for tragedy on my week off. I mean it is February in Minnesota and the ground has been covered in snow since the beginning of December. That is tragic in itself.
Earlier in the week I turned on the TV and saw a spot on KARE 11 about the show and decided that I could not miss this show. Since I start on another show on Tuesday I figured this week would be my only chance so I called up my friend KT to come see some tragedy.
*I have certain people I call for certain shows. Musicals are best enjoyed with my friend Jim while it seems like KT is the person I call to see Shakespeare.
I can's find the video that made me want to see this but here is a link to the article. | Twin Cities, MN | Guthrie Theater opens MacBeth
I thought this play was amazing. It opens with this battle and people flying in on ropes. MacBeth wins the battle and the witches come and make their prediction that Macbeth will be king.
From the moment Malcom is named Prince of Cumberland by his father Duncan you can see MacBeth's desires and ambition to be king and to see what the witches said come true. I think Lady MacB's ambition is apparent from the first moment we see her reading a letter.
It is only after he has murdered Duncan that he realizes that there was more to the witches predictions than that he would be king. There was also the prediction that Banquo would be father to a long line of kings. Only after he has murdered and has blood on his hands does Macbeth remember this part of the prophesy.
The fight scenes in this show are amazing from the beginning battle scene to the final scene when MacDuff comes back to avenge his family.
One thing I have always loved about Shakespeare's tragedy is that when I am watching them I always feel like tragedy marches on. The events get set in motion and they march on to then end. When just a small act could change them. A letter arriving on time or listening better to a prophesy could have managed to change the course of things but that doesn't happen and so we wait with MacBeth while the forest seems to start marching towards him and MacDuff comes for revenge.
Yep. Do not miss this show.

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