Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wardrobe Girl and Homework Guru

Sometimes I go above and beyond the call in my wardrobe girl duties. This week subbing in a show for a coworker was no exception.
There are kids in the show, well teenagers really, and with them comes homework. While I don't do all that algebra business I do hand out good advice on things like poetry and book reports.
One of the girls in the show was working on poems. She had to write several poems for school. I don't think she was excited about it. But I told her about hearing Susan Marie Swanson speak at a conference and how she had gotten this third grader who claimed he didn't have anything to write about because it was just him and his dad to write a beautiful poem about his dad making frozen pizza.
She wrote and awesome found poem using words and stage directions from the show. Super cool.
I also managed to make a quilt square of a chinchilla for the show inspired quilt. I will post pictures once the quilt is finished.