Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The British are Here

I just finished Day 2 of tech for a show that has come to us from across the pond and I have to admit that I feel like I need to write down all the little "british" things they say.
There are things I've known for a while since I've read books like Harry Potter and worked around other actors from England
Elevator = Lift
Sneakers = trainers
suspenders = braces
headset = cans (I think of this as like old school walkie talkies being cans on a string but I'm probably wrong)

vacation (or time off) = holiday - I am thinking of adopting this term for my 6 week layoff in April. I think it is much better to call it a holiday than a layoff. Layoff sounds so negative. Holiday sounds positive like I'll be doing something awesome like lying on a beach somewhere instead of looking for little temp jobs like I'l really be doing.

lobby = foyer

Actor: Carrie I can't find my hat. I think I might have left it in the foyer when we went out there at the end of the show or maybe it is on stage or something.

I take off to go search for hat. I search on stage, I search in the house. I come back to talk with the actor about if he remembers where the hat is.

Actor: Oh I think I left it in the foyer.

Me: Do you mean the lobby? Or the hub? I don't know where you were.

Actor: We were in the foyer. You know the one with all the leather chairs that over look the dock.

At this time I'm freaking out because I realize the actor is telling me he has left his hat in the lobby and that it is 7:00 pm and even though we are just doing a run through there is really no way this hat is still going to be there because an usher or helpful audience member will have already picked it up by now.
OK so I go to stage door.

Me: Hi did a little black wool hat get turned in here.

Unhelpful stage door lady: ( looks at the list of lost and found things and can't find the page for that day)
Me: (Really trying not to lose it here cause I want to scream at her because why can't she walk five steps to where the actual lost and found is kept and look and see if there is a black hat there. She can't and I do not have time for her so I leave her still looking at the lost and found log for the day)

Hat is later brought up by stage door lady after she tries calling up to us three times. In the end she had to come all the way upstairs with the hat because she couldn't walk five steps to look at the actual lost and found.

But really costumes pieces shouldn't be left in the lobby. Ever. Again.

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  1. Just discovered your blogs because of your kind comment about my orange tractors!
    Wholly hats in the lobby! WHY on earth did they take it from their dressing room to the foyer? Never again is right!
    Happy run of your shows this week!