Monday, September 13, 2010

Wardrobe worst case scenario survival guide- Shoelaces

So the worst thing happened. Yep right in a quick change the shoelaces broke. Not a little broke but like super really broke somewhere in the middle of the shoe lace holes.
OK so I'm armed with shoe laces.
I've run through this scenario in my head a gazillion times. But it didn't go the way I thought cause the shoes were too tight on the kids foot for me to lace.

If shoe laces ever break in the middle of a quick change again I'm going to take the remaining lace and lace it through the top two holes and tie a bow, or maybe a knot. Like the tap shoes I had as a kid.

If I ever find myself without laces (this won't happen. I'm armed with shoe laces) I will sacrifice the lace from my hood on my hooded sweatshirt.