Monday, December 21, 2009

Product review- Oil of Olay ultra hydrating moisturizer

I just completed my third nine show week of Christmas Carol. Only twelve more shows to go before it is off to the next.
The other day one of the kids from the Want and Ignorance scene asked if she could use some lotion on her face since her skin was getting so dry from the make up and then scrubbing the make up off during a quick change. I said that was fine. I think I thought she was going to put it on after our change but she put it on before the change. Brilliant.
Now I remember that part in Stage Make Up 101 in college when we put moisturizer on before applying all the stage make up.
So the kid, Want, gets dirt on her face so she can look really needy and poor. It is some kind of black make up and another dresser applies it with a sponge. I never know how much is going to be on and I have maybe a minute to scrub it all off so the kid can go back to her role as a Crachit kid.
Enter the Oil of Olay moisturizer. Now the make up comes right off with very little scrubbing at all. Just a quick wipe with the wash cloth and it's gone.
So I need to remember for future dirtying- Oil of Olay equals speedy dirt removal.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday pet dress up

The other day at Target I found myself staring at an end cap full of holiday cat costumes. I would buy one but I think that I will take the $5 and donate it to the adopt a family fund.
The costumes, for cats, included a hat, a collar piece and then some sort of leg warmers- brown for the reindeer costume and red for the santa costume.
OK so anyone who owns a cat knows ho difficult it is to get them to wear just the hat. So really, leg warmers? I know my cat would be hiding under the bed before I got the collar and hat on.
Thankfully my cat is 20 pounds and the idea that cats come in different sizes has not occurred to Target so my cat will be spared the humiliation of a reindeer costume. Maybe I will just cut and his face in an Elfyourself video.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday Beads

Every Friday as I look at my non-theater friends' status updates on Facebook there seems to be a theme. TGIF. Countdown to leaving the office. Only two more hours of work.
This is not the case for people in theater. This is our busy time. Fridays usually begin the start of a four or five show weekend. One Friday, two Saturday, two Sunday or maybe only one on Sunday. But right now I'm working on Christmas Carol so that means five show weekends.
One of my friends wanted to make Fridays more exciting for those with five show weekends to look forward to on Fridays instead of only two more hours at our desk. And so the Friday Beads were born. They are black beaded necklaces, cause backstage people wear black. They are usually plastic and purchased at second hand stores. You can take them out and wear them on Fridays cause it is fun and it makes Fridays special. If you aren't into wearing them you can just take them out of your locker and shake them in the air for a second, like "yay bead Friday".

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For whom does the alarm clock buzz? It buzzes for thee.

This morning when the alarm rang it was dark and it was early. I think that the offending alarm ended up getting relocated from the night stand to the floor in an effort to put some distance between me and the buzzing.
Why would a wardrobe girl have her alarm set to go off at O' Dark thirty you may ask.
The answer is a 10:30 matinee.
There were two of these this week and two last week and there will be two more next week.
I used to be a waitress. I worked the lunch shift and would often go in and open and get cut after the lunch rush. This could mean getting done with work by 1:30 or 2 depending on how busy the place was and how many servers were on. When I first started working on student matinees it always reminded me of working a lunch shift. You went in for a couple hours and then you were done and you had made your money for the day.
Even though I get up early to get to the gym and work out and spend part of my day writing there is a difference between getting checking my facebook at 9 and being at work at 9.
So I have been going to work early, sometimes before people who work during the actual day get there and I have been done with work by 1.
The writing schedule that I had been so good at sticking to is long forgotten although I did write a little today.
This morning the sound guy actually said "morning" instead of grunting a greeting like yesterday.
Next week is our last 10:30 matinee of this run which is celebrated by Jammie Breakfast in which the Wardrobe girls cook eggs and bacon for the cast, crew and well pretty much anyone who is drawn in by the scent of bacon.