Monday, March 29, 2010

There's the resume I'm looking for

This weekend I went to my sister's wedding.
I have perhaps mentioned before how I'm really useful to have at weddings because of my expertise with clothing.
I arrived in town on Saturday evening and didn't connect with my mom and sister because they were buying luggage for Kim's honeymoon. My mom did stop by my room to say good night.
On Sunday morning I woke up and showered and went to get some breakfast. On my way to where the continental breakfast was set up I saw my mom dragging a steamer to one of the hotel rooms.
"There's the resume I'm looking for. We need your help to steam the dress." My mom said.
So while the steamer was heating up I got my bagel and got ready to start steaming.
This is 2 hours until pictures.
While I was steaming one of the bridesmaids asked me about the possibility of making some straps for her dress to go over her bra straps so I got her started hand sewing those while I finished dress steaming and when I was done steaming I finished sewing the straps then pinned them to the dress then stitched them on.
So I guess that having a wardrobe girl in the family comes in handy sometimes.

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