Monday, December 21, 2009

Product review- Oil of Olay ultra hydrating moisturizer

I just completed my third nine show week of Christmas Carol. Only twelve more shows to go before it is off to the next.
The other day one of the kids from the Want and Ignorance scene asked if she could use some lotion on her face since her skin was getting so dry from the make up and then scrubbing the make up off during a quick change. I said that was fine. I think I thought she was going to put it on after our change but she put it on before the change. Brilliant.
Now I remember that part in Stage Make Up 101 in college when we put moisturizer on before applying all the stage make up.
So the kid, Want, gets dirt on her face so she can look really needy and poor. It is some kind of black make up and another dresser applies it with a sponge. I never know how much is going to be on and I have maybe a minute to scrub it all off so the kid can go back to her role as a Crachit kid.
Enter the Oil of Olay moisturizer. Now the make up comes right off with very little scrubbing at all. Just a quick wipe with the wash cloth and it's gone.
So I need to remember for future dirtying- Oil of Olay equals speedy dirt removal.

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