Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Check call board then get coffee

Today was another one of those "For whom does the alarm clock buzz" student matinees. Three of them this week.
When I find myself getting to work at the same time that people who work during the day arrive I have one thought. Caffeine.
On those days I make my first stop the Coffee bar and get a tea.
I do however run past all these daywalkers in an attempt to get my coffee before them because after all they are used to being at work early and I am not. This makes my coffee need an emergency while theirs is just sort of habit.
Today I used my frequent coffee drinkers card to get a free beverage.
When I got downstairs to the call board I saw a sign saying that the cast a crew of the show could have a free coffee or treat.
So my priorities of caffeine before work meant that I got to have a treat instead. Yippee!

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