Saturday, December 5, 2009

Friday Beads

Every Friday as I look at my non-theater friends' status updates on Facebook there seems to be a theme. TGIF. Countdown to leaving the office. Only two more hours of work.
This is not the case for people in theater. This is our busy time. Fridays usually begin the start of a four or five show weekend. One Friday, two Saturday, two Sunday or maybe only one on Sunday. But right now I'm working on Christmas Carol so that means five show weekends.
One of my friends wanted to make Fridays more exciting for those with five show weekends to look forward to on Fridays instead of only two more hours at our desk. And so the Friday Beads were born. They are black beaded necklaces, cause backstage people wear black. They are usually plastic and purchased at second hand stores. You can take them out and wear them on Fridays cause it is fun and it makes Fridays special. If you aren't into wearing them you can just take them out of your locker and shake them in the air for a second, like "yay bead Friday".

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