Wednesday, December 2, 2009

For whom does the alarm clock buzz? It buzzes for thee.

This morning when the alarm rang it was dark and it was early. I think that the offending alarm ended up getting relocated from the night stand to the floor in an effort to put some distance between me and the buzzing.
Why would a wardrobe girl have her alarm set to go off at O' Dark thirty you may ask.
The answer is a 10:30 matinee.
There were two of these this week and two last week and there will be two more next week.
I used to be a waitress. I worked the lunch shift and would often go in and open and get cut after the lunch rush. This could mean getting done with work by 1:30 or 2 depending on how busy the place was and how many servers were on. When I first started working on student matinees it always reminded me of working a lunch shift. You went in for a couple hours and then you were done and you had made your money for the day.
Even though I get up early to get to the gym and work out and spend part of my day writing there is a difference between getting checking my facebook at 9 and being at work at 9.
So I have been going to work early, sometimes before people who work during the actual day get there and I have been done with work by 1.
The writing schedule that I had been so good at sticking to is long forgotten although I did write a little today.
This morning the sound guy actually said "morning" instead of grunting a greeting like yesterday.
Next week is our last 10:30 matinee of this run which is celebrated by Jammie Breakfast in which the Wardrobe girls cook eggs and bacon for the cast, crew and well pretty much anyone who is drawn in by the scent of bacon.

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