Sunday, December 6, 2009

Holiday pet dress up

The other day at Target I found myself staring at an end cap full of holiday cat costumes. I would buy one but I think that I will take the $5 and donate it to the adopt a family fund.
The costumes, for cats, included a hat, a collar piece and then some sort of leg warmers- brown for the reindeer costume and red for the santa costume.
OK so anyone who owns a cat knows ho difficult it is to get them to wear just the hat. So really, leg warmers? I know my cat would be hiding under the bed before I got the collar and hat on.
Thankfully my cat is 20 pounds and the idea that cats come in different sizes has not occurred to Target so my cat will be spared the humiliation of a reindeer costume. Maybe I will just cut and his face in an Elfyourself video.

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