Saturday, November 7, 2009

Laundromat reviews

I took on this laundry gig while I was off from my regular job.
I am just wrapping up the last of the laundry for the show. First of all let me say if I knew the laundry was going to be 3 double loaders full of laundry I never would have taken it on. But I did and now it is finished.
As a result of taking on this gig I have spent a lot of time at the laundromat over the last month because my condo building is not prepared to handle this much laundry for a show. If it had been two loads like it was the first day then maybe I could have gotten away with it but once it became apparent that it was three heaping laundry baskets full I realized that the only way to get it done and respect my neighbors would be the laundromat.
The two laundromats I spent a lot of time at were the Ultra Wash on Bloomington Ave. This laundromat is also home to Ultra Tan although I have never seen any tanning customers while I have been there. The prices seem good with the double loaders at $2.25, the triple loaders at $4.25 and the Mega loaders at $5.50. Drying is .25 for 6 minutes.
The space is kept clean and orderly by the attendants and they are always there to help with questions or issues with the machine.
Like all good laundromats the Ultra Wash has a TV which during the weekdays often have some version of Justice on, Judge Hackett, judge Joe Brown. If there are kids there they might have some PBS on.
No laundromat would be complete without a little Ms. Pac Man, which they have. They also have Soul Caliber.
The other laundromat I went to was the Vend-a-wash on Chicago and Lake. The benefit to this laundromat is that it is open 24 hours.
Think the neighborhood is sketchy? Don't worry. They lock the doors at night, there is always an attendant on duty and the attendant will help you bring laundry to and from your car.
This laundromat has everything. A jukebox that plays some current hits as well as many spanish hits. I think I heard one song in English and the rest were Spanish.
The laundry is a little more expensive here coming in at $3. for the double loaders $5 for the triple and I didn't even check the mega loaders. The dry is more expensive too. .25 will get you 5 minutes. But there are lots of tables for folding and the place is always attended so I guess you pay extra for that.
Besides the Jukebox they also feature a popcorn machine, the machines that dispense stickers and wattoos and sticky spider toys. They also have a claw machine.
Laundry wise they have a huge 10 load washer that is good for washing rugs and stuff and they have the pressing machines.

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