Sunday, November 29, 2009

90 minute cardio workout

So it it back to that holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, this year. Actually we opened about a week ago.
The big change in this year's production is the fact that it has been cut to 90 minutes with no intermission. Apparently patrons wanted a shorter play so we gave it to them
The first time we ran this show it was total chaos backstage. From the front no one could tell that it looked like a herd of Victorian college kids had moved in and thrown their clothes every where backstage. Things were in discard piles that actually needed to be tracked. There is a great deal of do or die tracking in this show.
I missed three changes upstairs because I was trying to convince an actor downstairs that it was indeed time to change.
Fortunately the second time was better and it is up and running smoothly now.

It does still feel a little like a 90 minute cardio workout. I signed up for something called the Frosty Challenge at work. The Challenge is not to gain weight between Thanksgiving and New Years. I'm kinda thinking with this show it isn't going to be a problem. Not only do I go up and down the stairs about 4 or 5 times while doing my presets but I go up and down the stairs three more times during the show. Needless to say when they asked if I wanted info on walking or climbing stairs in the building as part of the Frosty Challenge I declined. Not only am I running around backstage I also don't have time to eat during the show at all. No time to stop in the crew office and have doughnuts or cookies. Maybe I should look into those Goo packets that runners "eat".

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