Monday, May 17, 2010

Matinee fun

Last Wednesday I went to see a matinee of M. Butterfly.
I often see matinee people going to shows when I am at work on matinee days for my own shows. So I don't want to stereotype weekday matinee people but the the median age of the house is definitely higher on those days.
So my friend Sara and I got seats in the 5th row. When I go to shows on Opening nights I am usually in the balcony.
When we got to our seats the lady sitting beside us started a conversation. Here is what happened.

Patron: I bet you were in the rush line.

Me: Oh no we work here.

Patron: I have season tickets with my group of friends and I couldn't come on the night we had our tickets so I'm here today. I usually sit on the aisle.

Sara: Oh do you want the aisle seat?

Patron: Oh no that's your seat. I couldn't take your seat.

Me: Oh it's no big deal.

Patron: Oh thank you so much.

After this we were treated by our new friend as though we were celebrities. She asked every question she could think of about costumes, props and actors. I think at one point in time she missed a line and she asked Sara "What did he say?" and Sara repeated the line for her.

I sat next to a man who fell asleep during the first act (I blame the darkness and the fact that he may have had an adult beverage with lunch from the way he smelled. The play was great. Not nap inducing) he jerked awake so suddenly that it startled me.

So anyway going to a matinee was an eye opening experience and I may have to go attend more matinees.

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