Sunday, August 9, 2009

Product I can't live without

OK well it is summer in MN which means wedding season is in full effect. So far this summer I have altered 1 bridesmaid dress, 1 wedding dress and I have one more bridesmaid dress that I will be altering soon. I have a cousin getting married in September.
I have been an attendant or bridesmaid at a number of weddings in my day. Actually being a personal attendant is like being a dresser so it is something that I already know how to do and am fairly prepared for.
With all these weddings I can't help but talk about my favorite item to bring to a wedding. Double stick tape.
Whenever I attend a wedding I always have a roll in my purse. Well except this one wedding where I actually forgot to bring it but totally could have used it.
Here are some uses for double stick tape at weddings.
1. Use it to make sure your strapless bridesmaid dress is not going to fall down or your wedding gown or whatever. Dress strap not staying where you want it. Tape it there.
2. Use it to hem a groomsman's/dad's/usher's pants. Cause seriously you know that one of these people will inevitably forget to get their pants hemmed. a few strategically placed pieces of double stick tape and they are ready to dance the night away.
3. Are your flower girl/ring bearer shoes a little too big. Stick a piece of double stick tape in the back of the show so that they have a better chance of staying on when they walk up the aisle.
4. Well it is still tape so it can be used to tape pretty much anything in place from vows at the podium to the order of the service. Whatever it's tape.
When navigating which double stick tape to buy a girl might be tempted by the "Hollywood Tape" that usually resides in the bra section of places like Target. It claims to be the "secret of Hollywood stars" If paying more for something in a pink package with the word Hollywood makes a person feel better go for it. It is your day and whatever. But really the secret is wardrobe girls and guys have been using plain old double stick tape long before they put it in glamourous "Hollywood" packaging.
I recommend taking your little shopping basket over to the office supply section and buying one of two thing. Either the Scotch brand double stick tape that I think comes with the yellow packaging or the 3M Poster tape. The poster tape is really nice because unlike the Scotch brand they put a little paper over one of the sticky sides so that it is covered until you want to use it. This means that you don't have to waste tape.
When the wedding is over you will probably still have tape left over. Save it for the next wedding you go to. You never know when you will have the chance to save someone's special day with you super awesome wardrobe powers.

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