Friday, August 7, 2009

Once I carried Steven Tyler's Luggage

I keep seeing little news blips about Steven Tyler falling off the stage at a performance at Sturgis.

Poor Steven Tyler.

So I can't say that I have worked with Steven Tyler although I did stand around waiting to carry his luggage to the limo after a performance a few years ago.
He was on the phone with Liv. He kept trying to hang up cause he was busy. He was like "Liv, I'll call you back. I'm working on the commercial for _________."
I have to say that he is much smaller in person than I think he is going to be. I mean I know that the stage makes people taller but he is really not very tall also he is skinny.
Waiting to carry Steven Tyler's luggage was one of the more awesome moments of my life. It was one of those times where I did not wish I had some "normal" day job where I did something boring like file TPS reports all day.
When you work backstage you have to be pretty cool about other people's fame. You can not act like a fan. It isn't professional. I mean think about it. Would you want to come to work and sign autographs for the people at your office? I mean it might be cool for a minute but it would get really old fast if people were trying to get you to sign something so for their daughters friend or whatever.
I must admit that this was one of those moments when it was hard to remain cool. I mean here I was, standing outside a rock star's dressing room.
So I took a breath and pretended to be a little bored. As in "Oh carry rock star luggage. Yeah I do that all the time." Eventually he finished on the phone and was whisked away in his Limo as quickly as he had arrived.
So anyway I hope he heals up quickly.

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