Monday, March 12, 2012

Moving in circles

Last night the show I'd been working on for the last six weeks closed its run here in Minneapolis and we packed it up to send it off to Broadway.

In my work I've been incredibly lucky to work on a few shows that are headed to Broadway.

Packing up a show that is headed to Broadway and saying our goodbyes or rather our see-you-soons feels different than our regular closings.

Closing nights with our regular company members there are these conversations "What are you working on next?" "When are you back here?" We see each other frequently outside of the theater and run in the same social circles. Even people from out of town who are in shows often return maybe once every year or two for a show.

Packing up a show that is headed to Broadway feels different. First it is a different system and requires a different kind of organization to make sure all the pieces are accounted for and all the information is passed on. There is also excitement and energy.  Happiness for the cast and hope for a successful Broadway run mixed with a little sadness of letting go of something you've been working on.  Wishing you could go and see something you've worked on to its exciting destination but knowing that when the alarm clock goes off in the morning it is on to a new show or project.

In theater it is easy to remember that we move in circles and that our paths cross often because they are always crossing on this great round earth.

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  1. On another post, I'd love to hear more about the selection process that determine how shows make it to Broadway. Ticket sales? Auditions? Material marketability?