Saturday, August 14, 2010

ninja wardrobe rack

I used to work at a theater where backstage noise was a problem. The walls of the theater were brick and it had a metal roof and the space was small so a person couldn't breath backstage without it being heard onstage. In order to go back to the dressing room area you had to walk up a staircase behind a curtain that went right next to the audience so usually once places were called we were stuck backstage for the whole show
As a result of working here when I buy shoes/ clothes to wear backstage I think about how quiet they will be. I really try to be as silent as a ninja.
I don't work in that space anymore but I still understand the concept of being quiet backstage.
Recently I worked on a show that I would call a quiet show. It was not a musical and there weren't a lot of sound cues going on through the show. There was a rack set up for quick changes backstage but there were complaints about noise from the rack. After getting a note about it I decided that something had to be done.

So I made a ninja wardrobe rack. I covered the top tube of the rack and there were no more complaints about noise from the rack of clothes backstage. I'm still really proud of my invention and was just showing it to the ASM on the show I'm working on now. Even though it is a musical it is still important to be quiet backstage. So far I'm proud to report there have been no complaints about noise from the wardrobe rack.

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