Thursday, September 3, 2009


Last night I had a crazy dream which reminded me of my favorite crazy backstage dream.
Once I dreamed that I showed up for work not wearing my ninja quiet monochromatic black converse. Instead I was wearing tap shoes.
I am constantly worried about noisy shoes backstage ever since I worked at a theater that was just a big concrete square with a metal roof. I tend to work on quieter plays on my stage as opposed to musicals. This has led me on an obsessive search of the most quiet shoes.
But in my dream I am wearing tap shoes. So I am running around backstage and up and down the voms to all my quick changes in tap shoes. I think that there are times I tried to tip toe in the tap shoes but they still made noise.
I woke up from this dream highly entertained unlike the dream I had last night. It has always been one of my most highly entertaining theater dreams.

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